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Wireless Alarm System

Posted on May 7, 2018 in Security Alarms

Having a wireless alarm system installed in your home is one of the best ways in implementing home security. Wireless alarm system has two ways of transmitting its connection. It is either connected by radio frequency or infrared light rays. Wireless home alarm systems can either be monitored or unmonitored. Monitored wireless alarm systems transmit signals to a monitoring station of the security company as the alarm is triggered. More often these alarms are not audible. In unmonitored wireless alarm systems, a very loud alarm (more often a siren with flashing lights) is set off but does not notify any monitoring station.

The heart of wireless security alarm systems is the control panel, which is usually located on the basement or on a hidden panel. In wireless alarm systems, the doors and windows are installed with two magnetic switches. One magnetic switch is installed on the door frame or window frame and another is installed on the door or window so that if the switch is moved out of its position, an alarm is triggered.

On hallways and large rooms, motion sensors are installed. However some wireless security alarm systems use infrared sensors, motion detectors or temperature sensors. Infrared sensors and temperature sensors detect body heat, while motion detectors detect movements on the room or hallway. If any one of these sensors is triggered, a signal is then transmitted to the control panel which analyzes it to determine if the intrusion is unauthorized or not. Wireless security alarm systems use keypads to disarm or arm the system. These keypads are normally found near the main entrance.

Wireless security alarm systems have six advantages over wire security alarm systems. The first one is that wireless security systems are easy to install. You can install one yourself unlike the wired systems wherein proper installations of wires are needed. Second, you can install them anywhere since the usage of wire is not required. Third, wireless systems are flexible; unlike their wired counterparts, wherein you have to review the wiring plans before any altering of the system. Fourth, it has a cleaner look. In a wired system, you have wires running all over the house. Fifth, wireless security alarm systems are more difficult to tamper. Wired security systems can easily become un-operational if the wires are severed intentionally or not. Lastly, wireless security alarm systems are easy to maintain. Wire security systems are bulky, hence, requires more maintenance while in a wireless security system, the only thing you need to maintain is its power supply that usually are the batteries.
Always remember to check your batteries in order for your wireless security systems to be reliable.

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