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Beautiful On The Outside Paint Like The Pros For Curb Appeal That Lasts

Posted on December 15, 2018 in Paint Services

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to give the outside of your home real curb appeal. It’s a big job, but with the right tools and a few tips from the pros, your paint job can look beautiful for years.

Professional painters know that one coat of primer and one coat of paint will give you a better, longer- lasting paint job than two coats of paint. That’s why they prime first, then paint. Here’s why:

• Primers provide the perfect foundation for paint. Paint is formulated for color and durability. Primers are formulated to provide the ideal base for paint. High-quality primers, like Bulls Eye 1-2-3®, are rich in resin so they adhere to surfaces much better than paint alone. And unlike paint, they stick to hard-to-paint surfaces like vinyl siding so you can get great results. They’re also formulated to seal porous surfaces like brick, concrete, masonry and new wood, so you use less paint and get a more even color and sheen.

• Primers block stains. Wood, like cedar and redwood, has a high tannin content that can bleed right through ordinary paint. Graffiti, mildew and other stains can also bleed through if you don’t prime first. Stain-blocking primers are specifically formulated to block stains permanently and completely so they won’t ruin your new paint job. Stain-blocking primers, like Bulls Eye 1-2-3, are also formulated to prevent rust formation on the primer film, so they’re great for painting railings and other metal surfaces.

• Primers make your colors look better. They hide previous colors-even dark reds and blues-and prevent them from showing through new paint. And because they create a sealed, stain-free surface, primers make paint colors look more vibrant and beautiful.

Tip from the pros: If you tint your primer toward the color of your paint, it’s likely you’ll use less paint.

• Primers prevent common paint problems. High-quality water-base primers, like Bulls Eye 1-2-3, dry to a flexible film that prevents common paint problems like cracking, peeling and blistering. Your paint job will be more durable-and last much longer.

Information About High-Efficiency Road Marking Service Providers

Posted on December 15, 2018 in Paint Services

With ever-increasing volumes of road traffic and the requirement to enhance security, highway line markings most likely provide the most significant effect to the roadway user in all its numerous types for direction guidance and information on the move, particularly in the evening. It is less than one a century ago that the first roadway markings were identified officially as help to move on the highway.

A bit of history on the road marking the industry

The original white line was a hand-painted line, and it wasn’t up until the early 1940s that screeded thermoplastic was utilised, due to the scarcity of fuel based solvent for paint.

Till the late 1990’s thermoplastic road marking in Melbourne were defined to satisfy a recipe of ingredients and application thickness in tender documents, when it comes to retro-reflectivity efficiency, this was fulfilled by the portion and type of glass beads within the mix and initially applied to the surface area of the brand-new marking.

Nevertheless, its inability to maintain the surface applied glass beads and reliance on vehicle wheel-overs to expose the glass beads held within the product has in some cases resulted in the item stop working to provide adequate retro-reflectivity performance at night.

Nevertheless, regardless of the exclusive use of thermoplastic in the U.K. for road markings paint stayed the top option for around 70% of the worlds highway markings market due to its high performance in luminance and retro-reflectivity.

The impact of modification to Performance Standards

A steady decline in the standard of materials utilised and roadway marking services craftsmanship through the late 1970s and 1980s happened through increased competition, the absence of investment in staff member training and central federal governments focus on decreasing local authority expenses that led ultimately to maker and specialist rate cuts. It is thought that road marking cost in 2006 has not considerably increased since this earlier duration.

The intro of European Requirement EN 1436 in 1997 suggested an end for the BS3262 recipe specification. This change has meant that engineers can pick and define a requirement of performance they need for their highway marking service.

It is suggested that the road marking service market, as a whole, was not adequately prepared for this change.

The launch of BSEN 1436 resulted in the advancement of several products with enhanced performance attributes that make them suitable for a factor to consider in the UK.

Two specific areas of advancement have been Waterborne Acrylic Paints and a two-component resin-based system, Methyl-Methacrylate both have high-performance characteristics.

In specific a new generation of improved resins have made it possible for Waterborne Acrylic Paints manufacturers to enhance drying time, toughness, high luminance and retro-reflectivity and safer operator handling. Integrated with a speed of application, the item becomes more appropriate for road marking upkeep with enhanced health and safety benefits.

Road marking as a Maintenance Treatment

As mentioned previously Paint has been utilised for highway markings successfully in Europe and other countries for several years with outstanding retro-reflectivity outcomes.

Five years back, a West Nation based roadway marking services company recognised a requirement for using Waterborne Acrylic Paint on UK roads throughout conversations with Term Maintenance Agents and Professionals. Numerous stretches of highway markings were re-sprayed with the product on a variety of different kinds of the roadway, and the visual impact was remarkable. The results indicated performance levels of retro-reflectivity far higher than similar thermoplastic markings.

Additional development of item solution and the purchase of a purpose-built, truck mounted high-speed applicator; has provided improved performance both in sturdiness and retro-reflectivity together with performance five times greater than with conventional sprayed thermoplastic techniques. Customers have begun to see the advantages and benefits of the system justify its factor to consider as an alternative for the maintenance of the existing centre and edge line road markings.

In the last five years, a wide variety of roads varying from high-speed Freeways and Trunk Roads to Concept and car park painting projects have been treated with similar success.


Because their introduction all those years ago roadway markings have ended up being a vital aid to safety and assistance on our road networks, their continuing better performance is essential, thinking about today’s increasing needs on our highways. Maintaining the roadway markings within the real meaning of quality assurance supported by recorded proof and the visual impact from high performing road markings should be a Market standard.

Tips, Tools And Know How Make Paint Projects Simple

Posted on December 8, 2018 in Paint Services

On any given weekend in the U.S., thousands of people set out to accomplish home improvement projects. However, stumbling blocks such as color selection and knowing where to start can cause DIYers to delay starting their projects.

To make life easier, enhancements to True Value’s Color Made Simple paint program help simplify the often-overwhelming process of selecting paint colors.

“Weekends are a great time to freshen up your home with paint,” says Sloan Payne-Rutter, designer, paint expert, author and host of the public television series “Paint! Paint! Paint!” “Color Made Simple and True Value give DIYers the color selections, paint tools and advice they need to complete paint projects they can be proud of.”

Payne-Rutter suggests the following weekend paint projects to bring a little color into your home:

Shabby Chic Antique:

• Project Idea: Liven up your living room by “antiquing” a coffee table to give it the look of age. The antique look is accomplished with the application of a glaze that is usually earth-toned or darker in color.

• Tip: Use flat paint, which is more porous and absorbs glaze better.

You Light Up My Life:

• Project Idea: Give your kitchen a quick face-lift this weekend without spending a lot of money. Brighten the entire room by simply painting dark cabinets a lighter color and updating cabinet hardware.

• Tip: The fumes from the paint and the primer can get intense, so make sure to open some windows or doors.

It’s Faux Real:

• Project Idea: Add some fun to a child’s bedroom with a faux-finishing paint technique. Sponge painting is a quick and easy decorative painting style that’s popular and perfect for beginners. Use a natural sponge as a paint applicator and two or three colors of paint to create a multicolored, textured effect.

• Tip: Use a clear commercial glaze and tint it with interior paint. Mix one part paint to four parts glaze.

Is Your Home Security System Protecting You?

Posted on May 27, 2018 in Security Alarms

Home Security Systems

Monitoring your home security system has never been easier but there are several things you need to consider before committing yourself to a long term monitoring agreement with any alarm company.

Alarm companies don’t make the majority of their profit from selling security systems; it comes from accumulating a large base of alarm-monitoring contracts. If fact, these monitoring contracts are so profitable that they are frequently bought and sold like mortgage notes.

Tip #1
Ask if they are an authorized alarm dealer or represent a marketing company.
Marketing companies have learned to flood a market with fantastic offers on security systems with the sole purpose of selling the contracts at a profit. They often use any sub-contractor available, which can lead to poor customer service once the marketing company leaves town.

Once you find a reputable alarm company, ask them to come out to your home and give you a quote. You’ll find that most will quote you a basic security system at a reasonable price. These basic security systems generally include a control panel, keypad, motion detector, a couple of door contacts, inside siren, a yard sign and warning decals.

Tip #2
Make sure the equipment can be monitored by any alarm company, not by just the one selling it to you. If they use proprietary security equipment, you could be left in a bind should you become dissatisfied with their service for any reason. Ademco, DSC, & Caddx are well known manufacturers and can be monitored by any one.

Some companies offer a low installation charge of $99.00 or will give you a “FREE” security system. Many do so if you put a security sign in your yard for advertising purposes and commit to a long-term alarm-monitoring contract.

Since the installation charge doesn’t cover the true cost of the equipment and labor, you are charged a substantial monthly fee to recoup their investment. These “deals” or equipment leases aren’t necessarily bad but make it hard to evaluate the true cost to you over time.

Anti Burglar Alarm Systems

Posted on May 17, 2018 in Security Alarms

Antitheft alarm systems were once found only on establishments and homes of rich and famous people. However, antitheft alarm systems are now commonly found on the homes of “average Joes” in the United States. Ranging from simple “do it yourself” antitheft alarm systems to “state of the art” sophisticated antitheft alarm systems, from wired alarm systems to wireless alarm systems, antitheft alarm systems provides protection against thieves.

There are two kinds of antitheft alarm systems. These are open circuit antitheft alarm systems and closed circuit antitheft alarm systems. In open circuit anti-theft alarm systems, the alarms are triggered when its circuit is closed (the opening of a window or door will complete the circuit). While in closed circuit anti-theft alarm systems, the alarm is set off when the circuit is opened or broken, the exact opposite of “open-circuit anti-theft alarm systems”.

Some anti-theft alarm systems have video cameras and motion sensors. Surveillance cameras monitor the perimeter and record events of burglary. Surveillance cameras must be placed on strategic and inconspicuous locations. Some surveillance system record images when the motion sensor detects movements on a particular room or hallway. Motion sensors detect any movement that occurs inside the establishment or house. The sensitivity level of motion sensors can be adjusted so that the anti-theft alarm will not be set off accidentally by animals around the house. Motion sensors are ideal for large areas like hallways and large rooms. Some anti-theft alarm systems have magnetic sensors on windows and doors so that if the windows and doors are opened by burglars, an alarm will be set off.
Some anti-theft alarm systems are monitored by security companies on a monitoring station. These monitoring stations are manned by security specialist. In an event when the anti-theft alarm is triggered, these security specialists will then determine if the alarm is false or not. If the alarm is not false then the specialist will then notify the local law enforcement agency and the owner of the house or establishment.

The four mostly used types of anti-theft systems are the “single premise alarm systems”, “local alarm systems”, “telephone dialer systems” and “monitored security systems”. The single premise alarm systems protect specific things in the same way as door alarms. The local alarm systems will trigger an audible alarm in case of unauthorized entry and they are not monitored by a security company. The telephone dialer is a type of security system that will automatically dial an emergency number like the police or fire department if the alarm is triggered. The monitored security system is the most effective and reliable of all systems because it is monitored round the clock by a monitoring station.

So if you want to have your property and loved ones protected, have your home and business installed with a antitheft alarm system.